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Horizontal Directional Drilling

We specialize in cable and pipe installations for Natural Gas Pipelines, High Voltage Wire, Fiber Optics, Sanitary Sewer pipe and Water lines. We offer a variety of pipe size installations ranging from 1/2″ up to 18″ diameter and have certified welders for plastic and steel pipe products.

  • Installing Water and Sewer (services and mains)
  • Installing conduit for multiple utilities simultaneously
  • Install Drain lines to basements, pits and man holes
  • Residential Driveway Boring
  • Underhouse foundation Boring
  • Irrigation System Boring
workers in trench


We off a variety of trenching services including electric wire for service and primary distribution lines, communications and natural gas pipe. We also offer waterline trenching.

  • Install Pipe
  • Cable Wire
  • Utilities
orange spool of cable

Cable Plowing

Our Plowing and Planting services range from No-Cut Fiber projects to High Voltage Electric and Natural Gas Distribution Mains and Services. This utility installation service ranges in depth from 12″ to 48″.

  • Bury Cable
  • Bury Pipe
  • Drainage

Utility Excavating (Vacuum Excavation)

We offer a variety of excavation services including Backhoe and Hydro Excavation Services. Hydro excavation utilizes high pressure water with large vacuum suction to remove soil and debris from the utility. We supply all sizes of excavator and backhoe equipment to meet your excavation needs.

  • Locating fiber optics, cables, other utilities without damaging
  • Utility and pipe location
  • Exposure of live gas distribution
  • Sign and pole installation
  • Direction drilling
  • Keyhole excavation
stick welding pipe outdoors

49 CFR Part 192 – Operator Qualified Crew for Natural Gas

All of our crews carry qualifications for fusion, welding, pipe handling, excavation and backfilling under certification 49 CFR Part 192.  Crews are fully equipped to install and tap distribution mains and services of all sizes and lengths.

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